Going Back To School at 40

Going back to school is becoming an increasingly popular trend among adults. Going back to school at 40 is no exception. With the constant advancements in technology and the changing demands of the job market, adults who are 40 years and above are finding it necessary to obtain additional education and training to remain competitive in their careers or to switch to a new field. In this article, we will be exploring some unique considerations and challenges that adults face when returning to school at the age of 40, along with a few tips and advice on how to overcome these challenges and make the most out of the experience.

Challenges for Adults Returning to School at 40

There are several challenges involved in going back to school at 40. A great deal of these are challenges anyone returning to school over 25 will most likely face, but some are peculiar to individuals who return to school at 40.

We take a look at both the general and unique challenges below.

Unique Challenges

Household Responsibilities

The first challenge of going back to school at 40 is balancing family and household responsibilities with study. For example, a 40-year-old will most likely have family and household responsibilities that, for example, a 25-year old might not necessarily have yet, such as caring for young children.

This can add significant stress and demands on their time, making it challenging to balance schoolwork and personal life.

Established Career

Secondly, it is more likely that a 40-year-old would have established their career and may be hesitant to disrupt their current work-life balance. They may also have concerns about what comes next after spending so much time going back to school again.

For instance, they may wonder how their age upon graduation will impact their job prospects.

Readjusting to the School Environment

Lastly, it is probable that a 40-year-old may have been out of school for a longer period than, say, a 25-year old or a 30-year-old. For this reason, they may have more concerns about adjusting to the academic demands of higher education.

They may also be apprehensive about fitting in with younger students and feeling out of place in a classroom setting.

General Challenges

Financial concerns

Everyone has financial concerns when going to school, whether they’re just on the initial path or they happen to be returning after a period of hiatus.

Similarly, paying for school can be a significant concern for 40-year-olds who in this case would often have already established significant financial commitments, such as a mortgage or retirement savings.

Taking on additional debt to pay for school can be stressful and may require careful financial planning and budgeting.

Time management

Going to school can be difficult because it requires you to manage your time in a super efficient way to avoid getting overwhelmed and burned out.

This is even more challenging for 40-year-olds who may have a lot of existing responsibilities. Still, it is a step that must be overcome and yes, many have done so and navigated the challenges successfully.

Fear of failure

After years of experience in their professional lives, 40-year-olds often have high expectations for themselves. Inevitably, this leads to an extra layer of pressure to excel academically.

Most times they end up being worried about their ability to succeed in a new academic environment or to balance school with other obligations.

Academic Demands

Furthermore, going back to school after a long break can also take a toll because it requires you to get familiar with a new set of academic demands, which will most likely have changed since the last time you were in school.

It usually takes a great deal of time to adjust to the pace and rigor of academic work, as well as to develop the necessary study skills and time management strategies to succeed.


Some other general challenges involved in going back to school at 40 include having to adapt to new technology, dealing with physical stress, facing discrimination for your age, stigma and self-doubt, and dealing with social challenges. Thankfully, all of these challenges can be navigated successfully. And in the end, the reward is quite worth it.

To enjoy the benefits of going back to school at 40, the first thing to do is acknowledge and prepare for the challenges above. From there, following the tips and advice below should help greatly.

Overcoming Time Management

One of the biggest challenges that 40-year-olds face is balancing school with their personal and professional lives. To overcome this challenge, it is important to prioritize tasks and create a schedule.

Scheduling helps make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed by various aspects of your life bombarding you all at once.

Make sure to schedule time for studying, attending classes, and completing assignments, while also setting aside time for family, work, and self-care.

Overcoming Financial Constraints

Anyone who goes back to school will have to overcome the financial constraint. As a 40-year-old who already has additional financial obligations like a mortgage, car payments, or childcare, the challenge is even more profound.

To overcome this challenge, make sure you research financial aid options and scholarships. Many schools offer assistance for non-traditional students, and there are also government programs that provide funding for adult learners.

Technology is now an essential part of education. Sadly, it may not be as easy for 40-year-olds who are returning to school to get comfortable with these technologies as younger students. To overcome this challenge, try as much to familiarize yourself with the technology that is being used in your classes. Take advantage of tutorials and online resources to learn about software and apps that you may be required to use.

Overcoming The Feeling of Being Out of Place

Feeling out of place as a 40 year old returning to school is natural. To overcome this feeling, it is imperative that you remember that everyone is there to learn and that age does not define intelligence.

Try as much as possible to connect with other adult learners in your classes, and seek out opportunities to collaborate with students of all ages.

Benefits of Going Back to School at 40

Successfully navigating the challenges above ensures that you get to reap the benefits of going back to school at 40. But what exactly are these benefits? Below are just a few of the most prominent.

  • Career Advancement or Career Change - As a 40-year-old who may have reached a point in their career where further education is necessary to advance to a higher level, going back to school can help greatly to either advance your current career or help you transition to somewhere more suitable.

  • Personal fulfillment - Some 40-year-olds tend to feel unfulfilled in their current career. Seeking to pursue a passion or interest through education can help immensely in this regard.

  • Staying Relevant & Indispensable - Technology and industry trends are constantly evolving. As a 40-year-old, it is invaluable to update your skills and knowledge to not only remain relevant in your field, but become much better than the competition.

  • Networking opportunities - Going back to school at 40 can provide an opportunity to connect with peers and industry professionals, potentially leading to new job prospects or business ventures.

These are just a few benefits a 40-year-old may get from going back to school. Of course there are more, and benefits may also overlap between age groups as these aren’t limited to 40 year olds alone.

Academic Paths/Programs for 40 year Olds Going Back to School

One of the considerations anyone must make when going back to school is to choose the best programs for them. Some programs offer a lot of features that are just more suitable for 40 year olds going back to school. Below are some of the most notable:

  • Online Programs: Online programs can be an excellent choice for 40-year-olds because they provide the flexibility to balance work and family commitments with coursework. Online programs often offer asynchronous learning, meaning students can access lectures and complete assignments at their own pace, which is ideal for those who may be working full-time.

  • Community Colleges: Community colleges are a great choice thanks to their affordability and accessibility. Many community colleges offer certificate and associate degree programs that can be completed in a shorter amount of time than traditional four-year programs. Additionally, community colleges often have flexible schedules and evening classes that can accommodate the needs of working adults.

  • Professional Programs: Professional programs can be an invaluable option for 40-year-olds who are looking to enhance their careers. These programs are excellent because they provide practical, hands-on training in fields such as nursing, education, and business, allowing students to develop the skills they need to succeed in their chosen field.

  • Accelerated Programs: Several universities offer accelerated programs that allow students to complete their degree in a shorter amount of time than traditional programs. The drawback is that they often require students to take more classes each semester, but they can be a great option for 40-year-olds who want to earn their degree quickly and get back into the workforce.

Industries to Enter for 40-Year Olds Going Back to School

There are many industries that are suitable for 40-year-olds who are going back to school. Ultimately, your choice will depend on your particular interests, skills, and career goals. Here are a few industries worth considering:

  • Healthcare: The healthcare industry is always in high demand and offers a wide range of job opportunities. With an aging population, there is a growing need for healthcare professionals, and many healthcare jobs require a degree or certification, making it a great choice for those going back to school.

  • Education: The education industry is another great choice for those going back to school. With a degree in education, you can pursue a career as a teacher, counselor, or administrator.

  • Business: The business industry is always a good choice for anyone looking to leverage their knowledge in a real-world scenario. With a degree in business, you can pursue a career in management, finance, or marketing.

  • Nonprofit: Nonprofit organizations are always in need of skilled workers, and many jobs in this field require a degree or specialized training. This industry can be a great fit for those who are passionate about making a difference in their communities.


In conclusion, going back to school at 40 can be a challenging but ultimately rewarding decision. The unique challenges that 40-year-olds face, such as balancing family and work commitments, financial concerns, and adapting to new learning environments, require careful consideration and planning. However, there are also many benefits to pursuing education at this stage in life, such as the potential for career advancement and personal growth.

Choosing the right academic path, institution, and program can be crucial in ensuring a successful return to school, as can developing strong time-management and study skills, seeking out support networks, and staying motivated.

While it can be daunting to return to school as a 40-year-old, with the right mindset and approach, it is possible to overcome these challenges and excel in flying colors.

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